Version 2.10 (February 2004): 
- Virtual Vault support (to enable it use "Hypertext >Current hypertext properties" before creating your exe ebook) 
- mass password generation (if you use the different pass for different users internal feature) 
- MMode parameter (Hypertext >Current hypertext properties); the value 4 seems to be ok for all systems for improved video performances 
- Edit > Paste from template / Copy to template (for improved templates usage) 
- Shortcuts CTRL + B I U 
- detail list view in the image/pages/link album 
- grab protection feature added 
- can now run embedded file without asking confirm 
- improved GDI usage for old Win95/98 PCs 
Version 2.9 (October 2003): new plugin capabilities 
- when global printing is disabled you can enable the user printing single pages by placing a "print" link or "print" button on the page (with "Insert >Special link") 
- word count 
- ebooksreader (and any exe ebooks) asks the user name and email the first time the user enters a password protected area (if the different passwords for different users is set) 
Version 2.8 (June 2003). 
- several improvements, new website look 
We hope you’ll like it! 
Your suggestions are very important to our work. Please feel free to send us any comments:
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