Create nice autorun CD with menus and nice graphics 
4 Menu (simple) - CD FRONT END (Web-like, comprehensive) 
1)4 MENU (simple) 
4 MENU is a simple set of file: it allows you to create an autoplay CD where you can put any EXE software, and/or any PDF, HLP, ZIP, CHM file. The user simply inserts the CD, then a window is shown with simple buttons: a click on one of the buttons starts your .exe / .pdf etc. No configuration, no hassle. You simply create a "data" directory, then you include your files there, with a meaningful name. A CD burner software is all what you need. 
Step by step usage: 
a) unzip the ZIP in the root directory of a CDROM (i.e. in a tmp directory that you will copy in the root directory of a CD), then create a "data" directory. Optional: insert a file "picture.gif", max 437x86 (why 437x86??). 
b) insert in the "data" directory all the things you want the final user can run. The program supports .exe and .hlp, and - when the proper reader are installed - .zip, .chm and .pdf (so you can actually create with this utility a professional CD for your application: even the VisualVision CDs, solded by Internet and in retail stores, use the CD Front End 1). Give them a meaningful name, for example if you want that the user will click on the button "Install Hyper Publish", save the respective exe file as "Install Hyper Publish.exe", not rxx_en3pr.exe. The max number of files is 4 for the free edition (if you need more see the CD Front End 3). 
c) burn the CD and test it. In the included example you'll get (obviously you can choose any picture you want!): 
d) Enjoy!!!! If you like the program, we will be glad if you put a link to http://www.visualvision.com anywhere on your site. 
The CD Front End allows you to create an autorun CD presentation / brochure where you can put your files, your software or your stuff. The user simply inserts the CD, then in a full screen window an HTML-like presentation will be shown. Inside it you can include any button you want to launch self extracting EXE files, PDF files, ZIP files and anything you want (you can place them anywhere on the CD -  and... the program asks no confirmations before installing!), and any linked page you want for license, additional info, etc. If needed you can add password protection, forbid printing and clipboard copy, and, within the Gold edition you can also quickly create a product catalog by importing from database / CSV, you have a shopping cart and a full text search engine on CD... No hassles, no configuration files, no browsers needed! 
Visual Vision has been selling commercial software online since 1998, and is a proud member of the Association of Software Professionals. 
Visual Vision, professional tools for both on-line (Internet pages, sites, Html) and off-line (manuals, ebooks, hypertext documents, CDs) authoring and publishing. Making Web sites, creating Internet and Intranet pages; building multimedia CD (with automatic install); catalogs; e-books, hypertext; policy and procedure manuals; laws, with cross references; health and safety manuals; training manuals, technical manuals; software user guides, on-line help systems; specifications, minutes. We have the best ebook creator (or compiler) on the market, the best Web site builder, the best catalog software tool out there.