3D buttons, create buttons with ease 
3D Buttons Visual Editor 
3D Buttons Visual Editor is a plugin for creating graphic buttons, menus, and nice titles. 
It is really easy to use. 
Just install it (click here to download the trial edition). Then run your VisualVision product (HyperPublish PRO for the example below; it works also with EasyWebEditor, 1SITE, EBooksWriter, CDFrontEnd, PaperKiller and RoboAuthor). 
When you select a text, the program shows a new "magic" button on the toolbar. Just click it and choose one of the available options. 
As you see, we have selected a text block, then we have pressed the button. Now this dialog is shown: 
You can then edit the properties of your button... 
Then press "Save and exit", and the original text is replaced by the image of the button: 
This is really a fast way for creating buttons. If you have to create a menu (= several buttons) you should just type some text then you can use for the first button "Transform selected text in to a 3D button", then the "Apply last 3D button effect" option for the other texts. 
To create a rollover button, please just create two buttons, one for the normal state, the other one for the "mouse over" state. Then delete the second button (this will delete the button from the page but not from the internal album), click on the first button with the right mouse button and select "Properties", then click the tab "Low res and mouse". Click on the button on the top right (sun and cactus) and choose the second button image from the internal image album. 
If you want to create several "rollover" buttons, there is a fast way. 
First of all, type 2 times the texts. Create all the buttons "normal state" then create all the buttons "rollover state". Delete the second group, then for each "normal" button proceed as described above. 
You can order 3D buttons along with almost all our software (at a discounted price) or with a click here. 
Please see the order pages for bundle offers (where available). 
Are you a programmer? It is very easy to adapt your software to work as VisualVision plugin. Click here for the specifications (it is just one short page!). 
Or use the top menu and take a look at pages related to free images, graphics, fonts, music, and more. 
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